Dezgo AI is a free ai image generator app powered by Stable Diffusion that enables users to create high-quality images from text. This tool is ideal for generating AI pictures for various purposes such as social media, websites, books, and other platforms. While it offers free usage, there are restrictions on the number of images you can create and their quality.

You don’t need to create an account for the free version. For enhanced features and unrestricted access, you must subscribe to ‘Power Mode’. This subscription allows you to pay only for the features you use and retains a history of your previous creations.

Dezgo AI Features:

The Dezgo AI App offers multiple features:

  • Dezgo Text to Image
  • Dezgo Controlled Text to Image
  • Dezgo Image to Image
  • Dezgo Upscale
  • Dezgo Inpainting from Text
  • Dezgo Edit Image from text
  • Dezgo Remove Background
  • Dezgo Text to Video [Beta]

Dezgo Text to Image

In this mode, you can Generate high-resolution images from a text data.

Dezgo Controlled Text to Image

In this mode, You can Generate an image from a text description, while matching the structure of a given image.

Dezgo Image to Image

In this mode, You can Edit an existing image to fit a given text description.

Dezgo Upscale

In this mode, You can Upscale an image by a factor of 2.

Dezgo Inpainting from Text

In Dezgo AI Inpainting feature, you can Replace part of an image using two texts: the target and its replacement.

Dezgo Edit Image

In this feature, You can Edit an image with text instructions.

Dezgo Remove Background

In this feature, You can easily Remove the background from an image.

Dezgo Text to Video

In this Dezgo Text to Video feature, You can generate a video from given prompt.

Dezgo AI Image Sample

I use the prompt “Cat play with a ball” to observe how the results are displayed. The outcomes presented by the Dezgo AI app are notably impressive.

Dezgo AI Pricing:

Payment is required to unlock additional features in the Dezgo AI online application.

Moreover, free version is available to use.

Dezgo AI Review

Using Dezgo AI is straightforward, allowing for rapid customization of your creations. It’s especially useful for honing your prompt-writing skills since achieving your desired outcome requires precise detail. However, I found this aspect somewhat frustrating when pressed for time; I preferred quick results rather than spending time refining prompts. This preference might say more about my approach than the tool itself, so it’s something to consider when using Dezgo.

If you’re interested in exploring AI image generation, Dezgo is an excellent entry point.

Dezgo APK

Currently, there’s no Dezgo APK file available for download. Once it becomes available, we will update this page


  • A brilliant free version!
  • Super fast generation
  • Multiple Variety of AI models to choose from


  • Continuous progress entails encountering occasional glitches.

Is Dezgo is Free?

Yes, Dezgo is free to use

We are currently not affiliated with Dezgo. The link and review being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only.